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ITS Announcements

Posted by Chengyu Sun 09/25/2014 [Discuss]

Please check out the attachment to see the information about campus Wi-Fi, Moodle, Open Access Lab, and MyCSULA tools.

Senior Design Fall 2014 - Overlap Form

Posted by Tricia Trejo 07/16/2014 [Discuss]

For those of you who may have a time conflict when registering for CS 496A, the CS Department will be signing off on all overlap/conflict forms (attached).  Students should go ahead and first register for the other course which conflicts (not CS 496A).   You can also reserve CS 496A for later if you have already reached the 16 unit max for first phase.  (However, please let us know that you do intend to register for CS 496A by way of email to   Then come by the CS Dept with the form filled out listing both classes (Course 1 and CS 496A).  You will need both the Chair’s signature and the Associate Dean’s signature.  Then the form will need to be taken over to Enrollment Services for them to add you to CS 496A.   The set up for CS 496A will be explained on the first meeting of this class on Friday, September 26.

Tentative Winter 2015 and Spring 2015 Computer Science Schedule

Posted by Tricia Trejo 07/16/2014 [Discuss]

See attached.


Supporting upper division students in their quest to graduate

Posted by Tricia Trejo 03/18/2014 [Discuss]

Please see attached brochure.