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Graduate Students who entered Fall 2014

Posted by Tricia Trejo 10/20/2014 [Discuss]

Graduate Students who began Fall 2014 (September 2014)

The CS Department will schedule Monday December 15, for you to register in your classes for Winter 2015.   Please be available during that time to come to the Department Office to speak with an advisor about which classes you will be able to enroll for Winter 2015.  The Department Advisors will make class assignments for next quarter based on your final grade from your Fall prerequisite classes.   You will not need to make arrangements or see the Advisor during October or November.  Please wait until Monday, December 15 to register. 

Complete the information below prior to seeing the Advisor in December.   You will also need to bring your transcript (unofficial okay) to verify the information below.

Please see the Advisor at the time indicated below of your highest class enrolled this Fall:

CS 320:  Mon. Dec. 15  --    930-12:00 pm

CS 312:  Mon. Dec. 15 –-     12 – 230 pm

CS 203: Mon. Dec. 15 --      230-4 pm

CS 201/202: Mon. Dec.15  –-  4-530 pm

Based on your undergraduate transcript, state the course name for the equivalent course taken. (The equivalent CSULA courses are indicated within parenthesis).

  • Discrete Mathematics/Structures (MATH248)      _________________________________
  • OOP programming with Java (CS201.CS202)         _________________________________
  • Data Structures (CS203)                                      _________________________________
  • Analysis of Algorithms (CS312)                             _________________________________
  • Server side web programming (CS320)                   _________________________________
  • Formal Languages and Automata Theory (CS386) _________________________________
  • Software Engineering (CS437)                              _________________________________
  • Operating Systems (CS440)                               _________________________________

A large programming project (CS496ABC)             _________________________________


Tentative Winter 2015 and Spring 2015 Computer Science Schedule

Posted by Tricia Trejo 07/16/2014 [Discuss]

See attached.  Updated 11/4/14

Supporting upper division students in their quest to graduate

Posted by Tricia Trejo 03/18/2014 [Discuss]

Please see attached brochure.