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CS 496A students Fall 2015

Posted by Tricia Trejo 07/01/2015 [Discuss]

Should CS 496A be one of the classes you are registering for in Fall 2015, but the timings for CS 496A conflict with your other classes you are also trying to enroll, please go ahead and register for those other classes.  Please come to the CS Dept after August 10 and we will go ahead and prepare paperwork for you to take to Enrollment Services to add this course.  Don't be concerned that the course will fill up, as we will allow everyone who is ready to begin Senior Design into the class.   You can also add any other classes that may be at the same time as the schedule shows for CS 496A as you will be able to take both at the same time.

Fall 2015 Registration Dates (and Times)

Posted by Tricia Trejo 06/23/2015 [Discuss]

Please check as well the time that you will be able to begin registering.  The times are not all at 6:00 am.

CS 454 – Special Topic Courses – FALL 2015

Section  01 – Multiplayer Game

Prerequisite: CS 312 & CS320

Building a working MMORPG game, from design through development to launching in industrial format. The class is divided into teams of Game Concept Design, Artwork Support, Game Client Development, Game Server Development, Game Network Protocol Development, DataBase Development, Game Contents Development, and Launching Preparation team. Each student is assigned to one or two teams and will develop special skills in particular parts of the MMORPG game development. The course will introduce basics of technologies to develop multiplayer game. Topics include real-time 3D graphics programming (Foundation of 3D graphics and Game engine programming), network programming for multiplayer architecture (Game client & Game Server, Protocol Design), and other related issues of game development and publishing of the game.


Section 02 – Prog. Lang –C

Prerequisites: CS 312. An introduction to competitive programming. This course prepares students for the ACM programming competitions. We will examine and review strategies and techniques that may be useful when solving problems in such competitions. The course will be based on a similar course that has been offered at Stanford for a number of years.


Section  03,  04, 05, 06 – Comp Sci Seminar

Prerequisite:  CS 312.  Application Development with Node.js and Angular.jsThis course will cover Node.js for the server-side and AngularJS for the front-end user interface. It will begin with a discussion on the fundamentals, including syntax, closures, eventloop, callbacks and scope. Then the class will jump right into teaching the Node.js platform through handling HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE to execute operations, utilizing open-source modules and covering the Angular MVVM framework.  The course will have several homework assignments which will culminate in a project where students will build a RESTful web service application using Node.js which interacts with an API and returns JSON information to the Angular front-end.