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Weed Hazard Application
Sponsored by LA County ACWM
Brian Canela, Andy Lam, Hummam Sagga, Zachary Tapia, Austin Vargason
Advisor: Yuqing Zhu
Liaison: Leopoldo Herrera

Project Description:


Once upon a time, the Weed Hazard Ownership List (WHOL) application was hosted completely on a mainframe. Some parts of the application, data entry, were moved to Access 2000. The data in Access 2000 is imported and exported to and from the mainframe using fixed width files. Some of these routines are manual. The reporting for this application is done on the mainframe. Data from the application is sent to the mainframe quarterly and at the end of the fiscal year, a 5th time. Reports are generated from the mainframe quarterly and at the end of the fiscal year.

The WHOL application tracks a list of parcels that are “declared” a possible fire hazard due to vegetation growth. ACWM mainly handles empty parcels. The LA County Fire Department handles clearing of parcels with dwelling or buildings. The process starts with a parcel being “declared” a fire hazard. It is added to the application. A notice is sent out and the parcel owner has a set amount of time to clear the property. Field inspectors follow up on the status of the parcel to see if its been cleared. If it has, the parcel is “removed’ from the list. If it hasn’t been cleared by the given deadline, the county will clear the property and pass the costs of the clearing onto the parcel owner as a Direct Charge to their property tax. At then end of the fiscal year data is submitted to the Auditor Controllers office to recoup costs of clearing parcels done by ACWM due to the parcel owner either requesting the work or forcing the work due to non-compliance.


The project consists of creating a new web application to replace the legacy system. The new systems include the working parcel list, the parcel information management system, job report submissions, and Power BI reports. The working parcel list is a live list of the parcels both LA County ACWM and the Fire dept are responsible for, as well as external parcels which have requested work from ACWM. Current address information and metadata is connected to parcels on the working parcel list. Parcels that ACWM are responsible for can then be moved to the staging list, which is a staging area before finally posting to the declared parcel list for the year. The parcel information management system is populated from a join between the working parcel list and the current year's declaration list. ACWM staff may utilize the parcel management page to create entries known as workflows. These workflows consist of multiple workflow processes like violation notices and more work needed requests.This page will keep track of all completed workflows as well as address changes to the working list parcel. The app developed by the Senior design group provides pages for the working parcel list and parcel management system, as well as a general admin page for admin approvals. The job report page and Power BI reports will be completed by ACWM and extend on top of the currently built system.

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Project Members


Role Name and Email Personal Github
Project Lead

Austin Vargason

DB Lead / Full Stack Operations Andy Lam  (
Documentation Lead / Front End Lead

Zachary Tapia

QA Lead / Full Stack Operations

Brian Canela

UX Lead / Full Stack Operations

Hummam Sagga


Deliverables submitted by the Expo day on May 1st, 2020

Current W.H.O.L. Data Synchronization Timeline
Parcel Life Cycle Flowchart
Calculation of Cost of Parcel Clearance
New Application Diagram
General Document Scan 1
Fall Presentation
Weed Hazard Design Document
Weed Hazard Requirements
Poster - PDF
Poster - PPT
Presentation - PDF
Presentation - PPTX
Final Report - PDF
Final Report - DOCX
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