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Mission Planning System
Sponsored by Boeing
Richard Balbuena, Nathan Lee, Jesus Mendoza, Maximilian Orozco
Advisor: Russ Abbott, Jungsoo (Soo) Lim
Liaison: Sen Yao

Operations Data Analysis and Management System ( ODAS )

ODAS is an elaborate software suite that provides tons of functionality for handling large quantities of Telemetry, right out of the box!


As more and more satellites are launched into orbit, it is important to track of the status of each one. We're developing ODAS, with guidance from our Boeing liaisons, to function as a central hub which focuses on monitoring the Health and Status of your satellites. ODAS does so by analyzing the Health and Status Telemetry for each of your satellites, and providing powerful analytical tools, via a user-friendly Web interface, that allows any user or organization to monitor the state of their satellites. From the beginning we designed ODAS to be an Easy-to-Use system that deals with all of the dirty work for you, ranging from Fault Detection using Machine Learning to scalable storage solutions to manage millions of Telemetry data points.


ODAS is a full featured application suite which is intended to help an Organization track their satellites’ status by uploading its Health and Status Telemetry, and allowing ODAS to perform predictive analysis to forecast the health of each component. With this brief overview, we cansee the distinct components will enable ODAS to function as expected.

Since ODAS is required to be accessible by many users simultaneously, we must develop it as aWeb application. This leads us to our first module, the UI module. This module is responsible fo rcreating a simple graphical interface to provide the user with all the capabilities of ODAS, including access to personal files (uploads / downloads / etc), ability to visually graph historical / uploaded telemetry, and the ability to analyze historical / uploaded telemetry. The UI module encompasses all of the frontend functionality, meaning the principal interface by which the user will interact with ODAS.

The Authorization module is a critical component which allows ODAS to distinguish Users into their pertaining organizations. By requiring users to register, and optionally join (or be invited to) an organization, ODAS can manage permissions to specific users based on the organization they belong to.

One of the main functionalities for the ODAS’ backend, is to serve as an API for the frontend. This API consists of several endpoints which handles the data retrieval from the Database. These endpoints make it easy for the frontend to request only the data the user selects.

The Database module also serves a crucial role in ODAS. It is responsible for storing the raw telemetry, keeping track of satellites and their components, as well as handling user and organization relationships. In addition, the database is used to collect and feed data into the Data Analytics module to perform the predictive analysis.

The Data Analytics module is where the raw telemetry is preprocessed and analyzed by the trained machine learning algorithms in order to predict anomalous data trends and component behavior. We intend to continue receiving data to improve our predictive models. Nonetheless, once the model determines the potential risk for a component, that data is inserted to the database, where it can be retrieved by the other modules to create visual representations and exportable reports.

Lastly, the Report Generator and Graphing modules display the relevant graphs or reports. In addition, the Report Generator compiles the results from the Data Analytics into an exportable report, which would include any and all components and satellites which the predictive models determined to be behaving anomalously.

The graphing module plots the data selected by the user (via the UI menus and options) and displays the telemetry points as an elapsed-time graph. Meaning that it simulates plotting thedata points as time progresses, so it is easier for the user to visualize any trends over time. All of these modules are discussed with greater detail in the Software Design Document, feel free to download and read it.

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Team Details


Role Name Contact GitHub
Team Lead Jesus R Mendoza jesus-r-mendoza
Design Lead Maximilian H Orozco maxorozco213
Documentation Lead Richard Balbuena rbalbue
Quality Assurance Nathan Lee nlee806
Liaison Raymond (Ray) Hogan Private Private
Liaison Sen Yao Private Private
Advisor Jungsoo (Soo) Lim Private

[PDF] ODAS Software Requirements Specification
[PDF] ODAS Software Design Document
[PDF] ODAS Presentation
[PDF] ODAS Project Report
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[PNG] ODAS Team Meeting Schedule
[ZIP] ODAS Project Deliverables Package
[LINK] ODAS Presentaion
[LINK] ODAS Virtual Expo Recording