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SERF - Parks Special Event Registration and FAQ
Sponsored by LA County, Parks and Recreation
Jose Garcia, Huy Nguyen, Tony Orellana, Ryan Peralta, Jonathan Wang
Advisor: Keenan Knaur
Liaison: Quetzal Arellano, Andrew Charlton, Feza Sanigok, Alan Zabaro

Project Purpose:

     The purpose of this project is to make the experience of booking a special event at a Los Angeles County park as intuitive and user friendly as possible. We want to be able to help users easily find all of the information pertaining to special events. Our main goal is to create an online interface that will easily facilitate the booking of parks for special events while simultaneously keep track of relevant information, such as the most common type of special event being held, so that the Parks and Recreation department can better tailor the registration experience to their most frequent customers. By the end of this project we want people to be able to easily register/apply for a special event, which in turn will allow more people to hold events and create greater revenue for the Parks and Recreation department, and L.A. County.


Project Description:

    This year the Parks and Recreation Department would like to make the experience of booking a Special Event to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible.  Special Events are large scale events on LA County Parks to provide recreational, cultural, educational, and health benefits to the local community and the residents of County of Los Angeles.  Special Events can be organized by individuals, commercial organizations, non-profits, local cities, or other county departments, and include but are not limited to concerts, festivals and fairs, night markets, trade shows, conventions, cultural events, celebrations, fundraisers, large scale sports events, marathons, triathlons, obstacle races, adventure races, bicycle races, circus, and carnivals.  With many possible types of special events and organizers, a long list of requirements, the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation needs an efficient platform to provide interested entities with information to hold Special Events at parks.  The online interface will help to more easily facilitate the booking of parks for special events and help to keep track of what events the park should provide more frequently. 


Technologies Used:


Tools Used for Communication and Organization:


Team Leader: Ryan Peralta (Contact:

Quality Assurance: Jonathan Wang (Contact:

Development Lead: Jose Garcia (Contact:

Documentation: Tony Orellana (Contact:

User Interface: Huy Nguyen (Contact:

Fall PowerPoint Presentation
Software Requirements Specification
Software Design Document
Spring PowerPoint Presentation
Project Poster
Project Poster(PDF)
Final Report
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