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Senior Design

Computer Science undergrad students are required to take a three-quarter Senior Design sequence (CS496ABC) toward the end of their curriculum. These courses give students experience managing a project from start to finish and applying their course knowledge to real-life design challenges. Typical projects originate from diverse sectors including faculty, industry, and within the university.

Call for Projects

We solicit proposals for industry sponsored Senior Design projects.  These projects expose students to an industry setting in which students work with a clients (the company or industry partner) to develop client-defined products. Student teams, under the guidance of a faculty member, are expected to meet the needs of their client and to deliver a product at the end of the academic year. Sponsoring a project is an excellent way to get a team of 3-4 committed students who have a great deal invested in a successful outcome!

If you would like to propose a project, email Prof. Russ Abbott ( with the following details:

Project Title:
Project Sponsor:  (include email)
Brief description of project - describe the project with a list of  requirements.

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