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Vision and Mission

The Department of Computer Science operates using the following definitions:

  • Vision Statement identifies where we want to be or how we want to be viewed.
  • Mission Statement is a description of what we do.

Vision Statement

To be a pre-eminent computer science program that prepares students from diverse backgrounds for productive careers by providing them with a student-centered, practically-focused quality learning experience.

Mission Statement

To graduate well educated computer scientists who are prepared to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing, increasingly complex world. This will be accomplished through:

  • A well-qualified faculty who care about students and their success.
  • A dynamic, up-to-date curriculum that has an optimal balance between theory and practice.
  • Laboratories, computer facilities, and instructional classrooms on par with any computer science program in the nation.
  • Unique co-curricular opportunities for students such as participation in student design competitions, professional student organizations, and pre-professional employment.
  • Opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in research and industry-funded design clinic projects.
  • Mutually beneficial partnerships with area industry that take advantage of our location in one of the most concentrated high-tech centers in the nation.
  • Strong cooperative relationships with local high schools, community colleges, and with other four-year institutions.
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