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CS 454/594 MultiPlayer Online Game Design and Development in Industrial Format

Fall 2013


  • Plan and Milestone Setup

Read the DeBugger documents and understand what each team has done in the previous year. Based on your team’s best knowledge, describe what kind of work/responsibilities the team should do/have. Try to identify and enumerate all involved tasks in detail. To finish tasks described above, set up milestone and provide what kind tasks should be done in each week. Also, how tasks are distributed to members.​

Week2: Milestone Setup for the entire quarter  (due Oct. 11) 

  • Weekly Progress Reports

Weekly progress report should serve as a thorough document showing progresses, decisions, and changes made by each team and each member of the team. All members should contribute to write their own portion. Each member will be evaluated independently. 

Week3: Progress Report (due Oct. 18)  

Week4: Progress Report (due Oct. 25)

♦ Term Report 1 (due Oct. 27 Sun.)

Week5: Progress Report (due Nov. 1)

Week6: Progress Report (due Nov. 8)

Week7: Progress Report (due Nov. 15)

Week8: Progress Report (due Nov. 22)

♦ Term Report 2 (due Nov. 27 Wed.)

Week9: Progress Report (due Nov. 29)

Week10: Progress Report (due Dec. 6)

♦ Final Report(due Dec. 11, Wed.)




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