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To be considered, applicants must have already completed the Cal State Apply ( Online Application to the University. 

Send all required documents directly to the university during this process:  (1) Official Transcripts (2) GRE scores if available (Question 9 below) (3) International Applicants require English Proficiency Scores (see Question 7 below) (4) International applicants are required to submit their transcripts directly to IERF or WES for evaluation (see Question 8 below).

This supplemental application information below is required by the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department to further ascertain certain key information before recommending for admission.

Both applications must be submitted prior to the deadlines.  Note that deadlines are subject to change without advance notice.  For further updates on application deadlines and other admission information, please go to the Cal State LA office of Admissions website:  

  1. What is your CIN?  (This is the 9 digits number you received by email a week after submitting Cal State Apply online application.  For Example:  (333444555)

  2. What is your name as given in the application? (Enter it as Last-Name, First-Name.  For Example:  Smith, John)

  3. What is your email address?

  4. Have you previously applied for admission to Cal State LA's graduate program in this discipline?

  5. If the answer for the above question is "Yes", indicate the Term/Year (Ex., Fall 2015) and list action taken on your previous application and/or reason for reapplication.

  6. Are you an international student?  (Note that the international application is different than resident application on Cal State Apply)

  7. All graduate and post-baccalaureate applicants, regardless of citizenship, whose preparatory education was principally in a language other than English, must demonstrate competence in English.  Those who do not possess a bachelor's degree from a postsecondary institution where English is the principal language of instruction must complete and submit satisfactory English Proficiency Exam Scores. 

    The acceptable English Language Exams are: (1) TOEFL (2) IELTS (3) PTE. You must have seen this information while applying on Cal State Apply.   If applicable to you, indicate the score and name of the exam.  (For Example: TOEFL score - 85)  

  8. If you have studied at an institution outside the US, you will need to have your foreign academic work evaluated by International Education Research Foundation (IERF) or World Education Services (WES) for securing admission into the program.

    • IERF - Visit  to create an online application requesting the "Detailed Report”.  The foreign evaluation fee is $165 (USD). When submitting your course work to IERF please make sure to indicate that you were referred by "CSU Los Angeles-Graduate Admissions" and that you would like to have the official agency copy of the evaluation report sent directly to Cal State LA-Graduate Admissions. 
    • WES -  Visit to create an online application, you will need to order the course-by-course evaluation report. $160 for the WES Basic or $205 for the WES ICAP

    Indicate when you have applied for IERF, WES or (ii) Not Applicable

    (Note: International Applicants will only be considered after we received IERF or WES report.  Ensure that you apply for IERF or WES very soon)

  9. Graduate Record Examination Score (GRE) is not currently required.  However GRE score can be considered in the admission process.

    Check the GRE details at

    If you have taken the GRE exam, give the GRE score (Total, Verbal, Quantitative) and the year the exam was taken.

  10. Give the following information concerning you undergraduate degree:

    (1) Name of the discipline mentioned on the transcript (For Example: Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering or Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology)

    (2) Name of the University

    (3) Dates of attendance [ for Ex: June 2011 to May 2016 or August 2012 to January 2017 (expected date)]

  11. Students must have a substantial background in both mathematics and science.  We consider knowledge of the following subjects to be essential preparation for our graduate program.  Indicate (click) all the courses/sequences completed in your undergraduate/bachelor's degree program.  Leave it blank if you have not completed any of them.

    Completed a year long in Calculus Sequence (Cal State LA: MATH 2110, MATH 2120)
    Completed a course in Differential Equations (Cal State LA: MATH 2150)
    Completed a year long Calculus Based Physics Sequence (Cal State LA: PHYS 2100, PHYS 2200)
    Completed a course in Circuit Analysis (Cal State LA: EE 2040)
    Completed a course in Digital Engineering (Cal State LA: EE 2440)
    Completed a course in Embedded System Programing (Cal State LA: EE 2450)
    Completed a course in System Analysis (Cal State LA: EE 3020)
    Completed a course in Probability and Random Processes (Cal State LA: EE 3040)
  12. Students may have repeated some subjects as second time before passing the above courses.  Indicate (click) all the courses/sequences below that you had to repeat them.  (Note that these are in the official transcripts submitted to the university).

    Only select/click the option if you had to repeat these courses (i.e, you had to take these courses more than one time before passing the course). 

    Calculus Sequence (Cal State LA: MATH 2110, MATH 2120 and MATH 2130)
    Differential Equations (Cal State LA: MATH 2150)
    Completed a year long Calculus Based Physics Sequence (Cal State LA: PHYS 2100, PHYS 2200)
    Circuit Analysis (Cal State LA: EE 2040)
    Digital Engineering (Cal State LA: EE 2440)
    Embedded System Programing (Cal State LA: EE 2450)
    System Analysis (Cal State LA: EE 3020)
    Probability and Random Processes (Cal State LA: EE 3040)
  13. Enter the final GPA (Grade-Point-Average) as recorded in your transcripts at the end of your undergraduate program from a university within USA.

    For International Applicants ensure that the transcripts are submitted to IERF or WES and indicate the GPA as indicated from IERF or WES report. (For Example: 2.98)

  14. Is there any additional information that can add value to this application? (Maybe you have taken some additional courses beyond the curriculum, passed the FE Exam, obtained some certifications/advanced degrees, work experience etc.,) Be brief as your answer is limited to 40 characters.