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A bit about me:

I have a MS in Computer Science from CSULA (2015). I also have a PhD in philosophy from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2007), where I specialized in epistemology. Along with this I hold a MA from Talbot Theological Seminary in Philosophy of Religion and Ethics (1998), and a BS in Biological Sciences from UC Irvine (1992). I've been teaching at the college level for 14 years. 

Courses I've taught: Website Development, Android App Development, Machine Learning, Ethics for the Computer Age, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Logic, Deductive Logic, Critical Thinking, Ethics

Courses I've precepted/assisted: Ethical Issues, Advanced Ethics, Ancient Philosophy


      Dissertation: Risking Belief, A Bayesian Decision Theoretic Epistemology

      Answering the Bayesian Challenge, Erkenntnis,  Dec. 2008


Hobbies: I used to have a rock band (before I got married). I sometimes blog about the philosophy of religion. I also very, very non-seriously play with writing a television script.

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