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Welcome to Progfest 2017!

This year we have Android theme. The problems your team will solve will involve working within the Android framework. To start off, we will complete a 2 hour workshop on Android basics. The rest of the time will be spent completing the problems. The problems range in difficulty, so some will be weighted more than others. They have been designed so that no team is expected to complete them all (though feel free to surprise us, if you can!). Be strategic about how you spend your time. Good Luck!

The Workshop: A Dungeons and Dragons Dice Roller

We will be coding up a simple Android app that displays and rolls Dungeons and Dragons dice. To complete this workshop, you will need the dice images provided at this link: D & D Dice Images. The instructor will tell you where to put them in your Android project. 

Android on Your Own

If you are interested in developing your own Android apps, you can get started with installing Android Studio and the Android SDK here: Also, there are quite  a few free Udacity Android online courses at


Problem 5: Complete D&D Dice Roller (Weight 2): Implement each of the dice, along with an "animation" that cycles through a few different die images, then displays the final value's image.  


Problem 1: Anagrams (Weight 3)   Problem 2: Scarne's Dice (Weight 3)   Problem 3: Ghost II (Weight 3) 

Problem 4: Puzzle 8 (Weight 5)


Problems Courtesy of Google Applied CS with Android

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